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DCS: F/A-18E

DCS: F/A-18E,

Coretex Designs released a video last week which was retracted from the media. On their Facebook we can read:

We have listened to the majority of the community, and have decided to remove our most recent video, “To The Carrier – DCS: F/A-18E.” Our next update will feature technical information and only “raw” footage of our module. Thank you for your patience, and support. -Chris

Not all of the community agree on this choice and wanted the video back. FlightSimCommunity has requested to have it hosted and Coretex Designs had no problem with this.
To add to the news, they are working on getting the AFM tuned as to their references. They also started working on some weapons and DDI (Digital Display Indicators) weapon pages.

Below is the removed video showing the AFM WIP work and the new carrier model USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) being added and functional in the sim. All of course very WIP.