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F-18E Super Hornet

Coretex Design round-up;


Coretex Design is one of the 3rd party developers for DCS. They are developing the F-18E. A serious platform in a serious environment. Quite a task. The whole community is eagerly awaiting news on the development but the studio is not putting out a whole lot of insights. But there where some announcements done lately. And at first we thought it’s not worth to report, but as this is the only news having come out of Coretex Designs studio for long we’ll do a roundup of the last few months.


February 8:

The placement of helpers for the F/A-18E cockpit are near completion (clickable areas). After all helpers are placed we’ll move onward to animations. As we move forward in development we’ll be posting more developer updates to keep everyone update to date. Please stay tuned for more information. 




May 6:

We are still alive, and well! We are very sorry for the lack of updates throughout the past months. We have been extremely hard at work.
In the last two months we have been the most progressive we have ever been. I’m very proud to say that we now have two extremely talented programmers on the Coretex Designs team. We’ve been pushing forward in programming flight dynamics, and cockpit functions.
With this being said we hope everyone sticks around, and be very patient. We are always working towards the release of the F/A-18E Super Hornet and working towards our first module release.


May 30:

At this time we are working hard on the flight dynamics.

  • External animations complete (3D and Code) 
  • FM parameters are complete (Lift, Drag, Forces, etc.) for wings, elevators, fuselage, and flaps. Ailerons are currently being worked on. After all these are complete all of these functions will combine to create the air brakes.
  • Suspension is complete but needs some fine tuning before release.

After programming is complete the FCS flight tests will begin.

Also, the current cockpit stage of the F/A-18E is that we are scripting the cockpit, and texturing. All other parts of the cockpit are complete. (Modeling, Optimizing, and Animating)

To bad we don’t have more pictures to show you on the development but our contact is just not yet willing to spend some.
Keep you posted.