Falcon BMS 4.32 – Update 5 Apr24


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Falcon BMS 4.32 – Update 5

Falcon BMS 4.32 Update 5 is out;

Just out today a fresh update of the Falcon BMS 4.32. This time update 5.
From the BMS website:


the BMS Dev crew decided to release one last patch (again) for 4.32, Update 5! While these are mostly bugfixes, there are some nice additions that you may be pleased to see. Unless for some reason there are any major bugs associated with this release, it will represent our last release for 4.32. We are extremely happy to present you with this release, and we hope you will find it worth your time.
This update will install on top of an unmodified Falcon BMS 4.32 plus Update 1 plus Update 2 plus Update 3 plus Update 4 installation, it’s not a standalone installer.

By popular demand, here are some “picture-driven” installation instructions for your reference, and while these only include U1 to U4, I am sure that all of you can apply the same logic for U5 as well:

Please make sure that you read and understand the following installation instructions (they will be displayed by the installer as well):

Update 5 installs in the same way like Update 1-4 did, so if you understood the U1 / U2 / U3 / U4 instructions, there is NOTHING NEW for you here:

DESTINATION FOLDER: Update 5 must be targeted at the original Falcon BMS 4.32 Setup folder, NOT into your Falcon BMS installation location! After the update installer has been finished, you need to run the Falcon BMS Setup program to either apply the update to an existing BMS 4.32 plus U1 plus U2 plus U3 plus U5 installation (choose ‘Check the internet for product updates’), or perform a fresh 4.32 plus U1 plus U2 plus U3 plus U4 plus U5 installation from scratch.

CONFIG FILE: If you update an existing installation, your config file (falcon bms.cfg) will be replaced with new default values. Do NOT backup your old file to restore it after the update, because you will loose all new config values! Instead, please do your configuration again after the update.

Step-by-step details:

(1) The pre-requirement for installing the update is to have the original BMS setup folder available. That is the one with the red colored Setup.exe. Take a note on the folder name where this exe is. This folder is NOT your actual game folder that you use to start BMS itself. It’s the folder wherever you downloaded and extracted the original BMS 4.32 base installer.

(2) The original BMS setup folder needs to have Update 1, Update 2, Update 3 and Update 4 already applied, as Update 5 is incremental only (like all BMS updates).

(3) Next, RUN (do not unzip) the Update 5 installer. It will ask you where the BMS setup folder is. Select the folder that you have identified in the 1st step.

(4) After the Update 5 installer has finished, run the red colored Setup.exe that you have identified in the 1st step. Either perform a fresh new installation, or check for updates (if you check for online updates, the Update 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 will now be shown in addition to the 4.32 base install) and let the Setup update your existing installation.

Ok, here you go! Like the base and U1/U2/U3/U4 installations, Update 5 is distributed as a TORRENT, so go ahead and KEEP SEEDING!


Falcon BMS 4.32 Update 5 Torrent
Falcon BMS 4.32 Update 5 Torrent
19.3 KiB

If you are uncomfortable with torrent files (go learn about it as it is useful in this community), below is the RAR-ed exe file.

Falcon BMS 4.32 Update 5 EXE
Falcon BMS 4.32 Update 5 EXE
30.0 MiB


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Some community screenshots to get your appetite going.