C-27J update Apr03


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C-27J update

irisFrom Iris Flight Simulation Software we got the following news;


Okay, thanks to the MLU QA team and the valuable feedback we’ve been receiving, It is our decision that the MLU project be re-evaluated.

The MLU team have provided us with actual flight manuals which provide massive amounts of new information which will allow us to truly simulate this aircraft better than we had ever anticipated.

As such, we’re going to do a full rebuild of the product from the ground up. It’ll take longer this way, but to do anything less will be doing a disservice to you all.

We will be taking time to rework the modelling and we will be putting in brand new textures also with new techniques for a more accurate look. In addition the entire aircraft code will get a complete re-write to take into account this new information we have to work with.

Whilst the C-27J Version 2.0 was and still is in our opinion a very capable aircraft and product, this new information allows us to really do it justice.




  • IRIS Flight Simulation Software You are not going to be charged for the MLU to v2.0 where we have stipulated fixes (as in previous announcements) nor will you be charged for issues that people have reported through our support system where a Trouble Shoot may not have been satisfactory. Nor will there be a charge for TacPack integration, as promised.

    What we have said above is that for a complete new build, for the new variant, for the new information, that may come at an upgrade cost. The core base of the MLU v2.0 with TacPack will not have this upgrade fee.
    •  Eli Rotham Spoken like a person with a forked tongue, I’m sorry but you guys are ridiculous.
    •  Lawrence Wells I agree it’s so misleading that I am not happy with what I purchased. Then you going to upgrade it and charge us.
    •  IRIS Flight Simulation Software Ok Eli, that is your perogative to feel that way. I have no issue with that.
      If you have the C-27J and you have specific issues with it then please use our support system and send me a support request with your purchase number and store of purchase and I will address your support issues and be able to inform you if they are covered by the free MLU with TacPack. If you feel that your issues won’t be addressed in the Upgrade the least I can do is work with you to find an answer that will help you with your purchased product.
  •  IRIS Flight Simulation Software Lawrence, You are correct. That quote was referring to Tacpack integration to our product line.

    • “Best of all though?? Our TacPack upgrades won’t cost you a cent! 

      We PROMISE that we will not charge you for our time and effort to add these fantastic features to our aircraft! 

      Many of you have been patiently waiting for some time for this integration and it is our opinion that your loyalty is justly rewarded.

      It is only fair that you benefit of these features without having to put your hand in your wallet for yet another ‘upgrade’. “