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NOTAM 20130130 – IRIS PC-21 – Bell-407 – MilViz live testing – Screenshot Artist – A36 Bonanza – GEE BEE update – Metroliner –


DCS 1.2.3 patch news:

Just to keep you informed about the 1.2.3 Patch:

After implementing further changes / improvements to 1.2.3 network play, we have solved several issues; however some instability persists (it seems particularly with the FC3 aircraft).

The team will now evaluate this weekend’s test results and prepare a new internal test version later in the week.

Like you all, we hope the next build will provided the network stability we all desire.


IRIS Pro Training Series PC-21 development. Here a snapshot video on the bird.

Startup and a quick look at the avionics in the PC-21. Filmed using the PC-21 Beta Build.



Raw footage of the IRIS PC-21 Beta Builds ….




Military Visualizations has posted yet again a great flash view of their latest project. The Bell 407 helicopter.

Also found the following quote on the MilViz Facebook page:

That is a lot of switches to test! Thinking about possibly streaming some of the testing for the 737-200. What do you guys think? DM

Looks like we are going to see some live functionality testing on Livestream. MilViz run a test connection on this streaming platform yesterday, so all is set.


Screenshot Artis has posted some awesome screenies on the A2A Wings of Power 3: P-51 Mustang. Have a look. Over at Aerosoft Sim News they have a review on the A2A Civilian Mustang with Accu-Sim Pack.


Carenado has almost finished the SR22 GTSx Turbo so they revealed their new project …. the A36 Bonanza [X-Plane]. Still running is the TBM850 [FSX].



Carenado’s brothers over at Alabeo have posted a few new screenies on the GEE BEE model Z[FSX] development.


Something to get the perspective back on where we are today with flightsimulation and serious gaming for that matter.



And to finalize things this morning, RAZBAMs new project will be the civilian Metroliner. The cockpit is in an already seriously good state. Have a look.
Mesh done by Jose Valdez, textures by Nick Dackard.
Previous articles on the Metroliner can be found here and here. Check the 3RD PD / DCS World / RAZBAM section for more on RAZBAMs developments.